Call us today: 801-225-2099

Call us today: 801-225-2099

Have an Abandoned Vehicle?

Tow trucks owned by Stephenson Bowen Recovery & Removal remove abandoned vehicles. We implemented a privatization program as a private firm to perform this work. The abandoned vehicles are taken and sold for scrap if not redeemed by the owners. Since this privatization program began, we have towed and impounded hundreds of abandoned vehicles.

A vehicle can be classified as abandoned if it has not been moved or used, is apparently deserted, and has been left on private property.

What You Should Know
Any vehicle so removed shall be towed to an authorized facility. The owner of a vehicle towed shall be responsible for any towing or storage charges. Unclaimed hazardous dilapidated motor vehicles shall be disposed of as provided by the Utah Vehicle Code if no other identification by which the last registered owner of the vehicle can be determined for the purpose of giving notice.


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